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As a Central Index Data Alliance Partner, you can help improve the World's local data accuracy, get great analysis and support to improve the quality of your own database, and promote your own data asset via our powerful API and marketing network.

Let's face it - maintaining an up to date database of high quality local data is costly and difficult. Nobody has completely nailed it - which is why there are lots of stories of wrong information, poor response and annoyed local businesses having their information misrepresented.

As a partner of the Central Index Global Data Alliance, you can help to change that - AND you can generate revenues and reduce your own costs, by promoting your own database via our network, and getting FREE triggers and edits back that you can apply into your data cleansing activities.

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Who qualifies to be a Partner?

To register as a partner of the Data Alliance, you need to be a licensed owner of your own database of local POI (Point Of Interest) information, OR have generated added value content such as reviews, descriptions, images, or other added value content around a specific set of POIs.

For example you might be a major marketing list provider, already licensing your data out to customers, or you might be a website that specialises in holiday home reviews, either way you hold data that you can promote via the Central Index.

How does it work? It's simple:

First, register as a source

We will assess your data and agree with you the best way to add your data as a Source to the Central Index. You then provide your data to us in whatever format you find simplest, and at an agreed frequency.

We will apply your data as a Source to the Central Index - which means it's clearly marked as yours, and at any time can be removed or updated by you as the authorised source.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will not MERGE your data with anybody elses - nor will we breach your IP by passing that data out to any other parties without your express permission.

If the Index Card for a POI you pass us already exists in the database, we will match it into the existing Index Card. If it does not already exist, we'll create a new one, and we’ll mark you as the Seed to that Index Card, which gives you additional privileges and opportunities for being the first person to insert the Index Card.

This will immediately give you useful insight on whether your data is unique or not, and for example if you are missing some key fields, or hold data that's out of date we can let you know.

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Then, get regular updates back

Every day, business owners and those responsible for POIs are finding and claiming their Index Cards, or our millions of users are feeding back edits and information to the Central Index.

Whenever there are any Updates or Edits to the Index Cards that match with your dataset, we will pass these back to you as Triggers FREE OF CHARGE.

This means that you will be getting alerts generated from thousands of business owners and users via our local search network - helping you to keep tabs on your data quality.

You can choose to onboard this data directly, or put it through your own verification procedures to add it to your file.

Getting these regular updates back will slash the costs of maintaining the accuracy of your database, and help you to keep a high quality product and service.

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Next, license your data to interested buyers

We will connect Buyers interested in your data directly with you.

We regularly get requests from Marketeers, Publishers and other buyers looking to acquire data under license. We will not sell your data to them directly, but if their request is covered by your dataset, we will connect them with you and you can sell them data under your own terms.

To participate in this opportunity, we ask that you promptly respond to customer requests, and you pay us a fair introduction commission for business we send your way.

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Finally, showcase and monetise your added value data via our API Network with Data Layering

We have lots of developers and publishers looking for more than just basic data.

Do you build unique content that you would like to be promoted to the World? Let’s say you have gathered an exhaustive list of the best Chinese restaurants in the World, or the finest holiday homes or hotels. Or perhaps you run a great review site, or offer a great index of local pubs and bars.

You can offer this data as a 'Publicly available' layer, which means that our network of websites and developers can showcase your content - fully attributed to you as the source.

Alternatively, you can offer your content for a license fee. We will add your Data Layer as a 'paid extra' into the Central Index API service, and those who pay for it will be able to access it and publish it - again with full attribution.

This is a great way to get known for your specific niche content, and to create a new revenue stream if you are the owner of valuable local content.

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Partner Levels

There are three Partner levels to the Central Index Global Data Alliance. The level is determined by the volume of data a partner contributes to the Index - either as a Source or as a Seed provider. Look for these logos on partner websites and you will know that you can trust the data they are providing, and they are an active contributor to the Central Index Global Data Alliance.

  • Gold Partner
    Providing millions of records for multiple countries
    Gold Partner
  • Silver Partner
    Providing over 1 million records per year in one or more countries
    Silver Partner
  • Bronze Partner
    Entry level - contributing data on a regular basis
    Bronze Partner

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