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Organisations with multiple branches have their work cut out in the online world, trying to manage their ever changing location footprint on a range of websites, and trying to help local customers to search and find their services locally.

Being a Central Index Corporate Partner means you can take control over your individual location's information, and this in turn opens up a range of possibilities from local marketing solutions to integrated local search on your own website.

By partnering with Central Index, you can rely on robust and up to date local data, served on an enterprise level search that means you can focus on the job of sales and marketing.

  • Ensure your location data is correctly represented online
  • Promote your locations via our Publisher Network and reach a local audience
  • Powerful API of your location data for your own internal use e.g. storefinders, inventory management and more

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Here's a full overview of our Listings Management Service:

Get Your Brand Seen Locally, with Listings Management is the database behind some of the UK’s largest online directory networks, and is a key supplier of local business data for hundreds of local and national business directories and mapping providers all over the World.

Make sure that your locations are absolutely correct and up to date so your local customers can find your local branches when they need them most.


In today’s connected world, it’s vital to ensure that your brand locations are correctly represented. can provide support with this objective, helping to make sure that your locations are correctly managed and kept up to date on key local directories and maps including Google, Bing, TomTom, and NOKIA as well as hundreds of other sites.

Listings Management and Listings Syndication are powerful and effective services that many brands are using to ensure their locations are accurately represented on key mobile and mapping endpoints globally.

IMPORTANT – if you manage fewer than 10 locations, please go to your local Central Index and ADD or CLAIM your listing. There will be a small fee and you can pay online with Credit Card securely.


With Listings Management from Central Index, you can relax in the knowledge this crucial marketing requirement is taken care of. You’ll get:

  1. Index of your Locations stored in our database and available over a powerful API
  2. Group Management over your own Central Index of your branch locations to keep content up to date
  3. Publishing of this data to a number of key business directories powered by
  4. Syndication to your selection of target mapping partners according to your needs and budget
  5. Reporting on the places that your Listings are published, with access to performance statistics (where provided by the third party)

The Listings Management service will ensure that your local data is correctly represented including:

  • Brand Name
  • Category
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Weblink etc
  • Logo / Photos
  • Description
  • COVID 19 Special
  • Special Offers
  • And much more…

Additionally you may choose to access other rich profile options or methods to drive response, available from a range of providers according to your needs and budgets.

Stay In Control of Your Brand Profile, Locally


The first step on this journey is to establish the complete and accurate Central Index of your branch information. Taking control of your listings could not be easier:

  1. Prepare a CSV or similar for your locations with the key data as shown above
  2. Send to Centralindex by email to along with confirmation as follows:

“As an authorised representative of ‘BRAND’ I confirm that this is the latest list of locations and authorise these data to be used as the Central Index of BRAND locations, and syndicated to approved Central Index EndPoint Partners.”

  1. Agree a Listings Management contract with your Account Manager – the costs will vary based on the number of Listings you want to manage. Contact Us for a quote
  2. Centralindex will set up a Group Management account for future edits to the data and provide access to your authorised personnel or agency
  3. If you require it, we can provide you with API access to manage listings – we will discuss this based on the number of listings you manage, and the frequency of updates you will be doing


Once we have the very latest file and have created your Index of locations, we can provide a full audit of how your locations appear in Central Index and make sure we give you full control over them.

If required, we can also provide you with Listings Audits showing how your listings show up on other search directories and search engines. These can be run as one off reports, or you can subscribe to get them every month. They will list the key directories and sites you should expect to appear in, and let you know how your listings perform.

If everything’s perfect – you can relax in the knowledge your customers are finding the right info wherever they go. If there’s something wrong – it’s time for our Listings Syndication service…


Once your data is in the Central Index, you can choose where you want that information to be published, according to your needs and budgets.

Managing your listings on hundreds of different websites can be time consuming and costly. With Listings Syndication you can relax in the knowledge that this is taken care of and concentrate on dealing with your customers who are finding you online and on their mobiles!


  • Central Index Publisher Network

With Listings Syndication, the key data in your Index of branches will be published INSTANTLY and to hundreds of local and national publisher directories, including the following brands:

  • Scoot
  • Touch Local
  • The Sun
  • The Independent
  • The Evening Standard
  • The Mirror
  • The Daily Record
  • And over 500 other local directories

Option 2:, Thomson Local, Hotfrog – Extended Network

Your data will be syndicated to the Central Index Network, plus we can also Sync with leading UK directories and Thomson Local, and


Your information will be instantly updated on these 3 partners when you update them in your Business Admin, opening your listings information to an even larger UK audience.

Coming Soon! Sync your data with Google, Bing, Foursquare and other leading providers.

We are working hard to launch a super new service that will sync your information with other leading mapping providers and Search engines including Google, Bing, Foursquare and more. Keep in touch to learn more when we launch this service.

I’m in! How do I buy this service?

Pricing is subject to number of listings and number of syndication points selected – please contact us for more details and we will be happy to assist you.

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