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Online Publishers today are quickly learning that advertisers want to have a digital presence, and so many are translating their traditional print advertising model to their online offerings.

Building a suitable platform to serve locally relevant advertising to an audience can be costly and difficult to achieve, and so Central Index offers a range of services to publisher partners wishing to launch local search with relevant local data, and serve relevant local advertising.

By partnering with Central Index, you can rely on robust and up to date local data, served on an enterprise level search that means you can focus on the job of sales and marketing.

  • Rapidly implement branded local search
  • Offer targeted local listing advertising to your customers
  • Improve your websites' local content and increase ad inventory

Central Index can also provide a fully managed service where sales of advertising is taken care of too, via our reseller network. To find out more please contact us today with more details about your publishing activity and your requirements.


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Working with Central Index

You can choose from two options:

  1. Build it yourself – just apply to our Developer programme and we will give you the support you need to build a fully functioning local search into your website – join now.
  2. Fully Managed Service – we will look after you every step of the way and host a fully managed service. Contact us today to discuss how you can join leading newspapers and publishers of the world using this great platform to generate online content and revenues.

Here’s a full overview of what’s in the box:


  1. Local business search and profile including c. 10 million USA business listings
  2. Business sign-up path including verification controls for business owners to ‘add’ and ‘claim’ their own profile
  3. Business Content Manager for adding rich data such as images, descriptions, offers
  4. Local Search directory incorporating Priority Listing functionality for the improvement of presence in search for participating merchants
  5. Business Tools section aggregating a selection of third party or Partner products and services
  6. Scope for implementation of banner and Adsense as required
  7. Full traffic statistics to a granular level
  8. Access for authorised agents and customer service personnel to add and manage content on behalf of business customers


  1. Library of business tools aggregated from a third party offerings pertinent to the engaged member base of the Partner
  2. Partner may at any time add other third party tools and services to the library subject to commercials being agreed on a case by case basis


  1. Live feed of business leads will be provided via API and or other mechanic to be agreed for the Partner to engage in a timely manner
  2. Leads generated from new businesses adding or claiming their listings
  3. Leads generated from businesses within the Portal clicking on any business tools within the Library and thus showing interest in the product


  1. All of the above served via a responsive mobile interface branded for the Partner and hosted by Scoot
  2. All of the above available via a RESTful API with full documentation supported and updated from time to time at for the Partner to interface at their preferred level
  3. Standard Enterprise level SLAs apply for uptime and maintenance cycles

Contact us today to discuss how you can join leading newspapers and publishers of the world using this great platform to generate online content and revenues.