Our Territories

We aim to build a Central Index for every country in the World. You can help us by joining the data alliance. Meanwhile check out each of our live territories by choosing a flag…

United Kingdom

We were born in the UK and we love it here! The UK is our main showcase country so get involved today!

  • 2,674,923 Active UK businesses

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The Emerald Isle was our second territory, and has a special place in our hearts. We power a number of local and national search sites and have (probably) the best Irish dataset available in the World.

  • 101,533 Active Irish businesses

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We are delighted to have launched in the USA in 2013 - we are looking for more data partners so get in touch today.

  • 14,070,491 Active USA businesses

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Central Index Australia is going live in 2014 - we are still in beta here, so get in touch with us if you want to help!

  • 563,826 Active Australian businesses

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New Zealand

We are trying to find an excuse to visit New Zealand so we have launched the Central Index of New Zealand and are waiting for an invite. Meanwhile watch this space in 2014…

  • 84,487 Active New Zealand businesses

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South Africa

Central Index South Africa is coming! Get in touch if you would like to join the data alliance and help create the best and most accurate South African business dataset in the World.

  • 580,970 Active South African businesses

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