About Central Index

We believe the world needs a trusted source of business data. We are building the Central Index of rich, verified business data. If you want to build great apps with awesome data, register for an API key now.

  • The Central Index is global. We will not stop until the whole world is in our index.
  • The Central Index is an open data exchange. We allow everyone to easily give and take data.
  • The Central Index is built on trust and transparency. We are open about how much we trust all the data elements in our index.
  • The Central Index will give entities control over their own data. By inviting entities represented in the Index to take control over their Index Cards, we will build trust, richness, and value in the Index.
  • The Central Index brand will be synonymous with trust and accuracy. Where you see the Central Index mark, you will know you can trust the data you are viewing.